silicon wafer back grinding process

  • Semiconductor Engineering .:. Front End Comes To The Back End

    By Jeff Chappell For outsourced assembly and test (OSAT) houses either planning for or already offering through-silicon via (TSV) capability for their 3D packaging efforts, this has meant the front end is coming to the back end, in a manner of speaking.

  • Packaging and Delivery Methodology for: wafer, die and ICs

    There are many ways to deliver, package and transport silicon products. Here's a short primer that provides the basic facts regarding how silicon can be packed and delivered to ensure safe transportation with minimum damages.

  • Semi-Conductor and Wafer Lapping - Engis Corp.

    Our laboratory-based solution development provides you with real benefits in terms of shorter cycle times, reduced overall consumables costs and a shortened CMP process step due to better semi-finishing processes.

  • TSV MEOL (Mid-End-Of-Line) and its Assembly/Packaging ...

    such as bonding, fine pitch bumping, back grinding and thin wafer handling. Final packaging is required to connect the device to the PWB. Due to assembly

  • Wafer Works Corporation - Products - Epitaxial Wafers

    Wafer Works also provides high-quality 4" - 8" epitaxial wafers and buried layer epitaxial process services, meeting customer's power device and CMOS demands and offering one stop-shopping services.

  • Wafer Works Corporation - Products - Polished Silicon Wafers

    Wafer Works' polished silicon wafers consist of 4" - 8" low defect, superior flatness silicon wafers, containing dopants such as boron, phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony to meet the specific customer requirements.

  • Intersurface Dynamics Inc. - Welcome

    Process Chemicals for Semiconductor, Silicon Substrate, Technical Ceramics, precision/Electro-Optic, Data Storage Quartz, and Ophthalmic Lens Manufacturing

  • Silicon Valley Microelectronics - Silicon Wafer Supplier

    Silicon Valley Microelectronics (SVM) is a silicon wafer supplier that carries silicon substrates, as well as specialty materials like SOI, SiC, Glass, Ge, InP, GaAs, and more!

  • Wafer dicing - Wikipedia

    In the context of manufacturing integrated circuits, wafer dicing is the process by which die are separated from a wafer of semiconductor following the processing of the wafer.

  • An overview of through-silicon-via technology and ...

    Through-silicon-via (TSV) technology is conceptually simple, but there are many problems to overcome for high volume manufacturing. After a decade of research, TSV technology has entered high volume manufacturing for simple applications, such as CMOS image sensors and SiGe power amplifiers.